North Point Marina - Boat Location - Winthrop Harbor, IL

701 North Point Drive
Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096.

  North Point Marina  
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 North Point Marina,Winthrop Harbor,IL
Boat Latitude & Longitude 
                                                                                                  N. 42.29.330
W. 087.48.139  
Harbor map for North Point Marina, Boat slip location AB20.
Boat Phone Is For Late Or Lost --------- 847-366-0741

Directions into North Point Marine from sheridan Rd and 7th
Turn Right onto 7th, go over RR tracks to 1st Stop sign and Turn Left, short stop sign then
go to the next stop sign, and turn Right ...then this will put you onto a One way, horseshoe
drive around the parking lot.  You will then pass the F - E - D - C - B -and A Docks.  Follow
the bend past the Yatch club to Dock AB, Slip AB20.
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