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Date 2018  

Date 2018  
Another fantastic fishing excursion!!
Capt Tony is a great guy and always finds fish. We bring my aunt and uncle and a couple of friends and Tony ensures a good time is had by all.
We caught 18 really good cohos and laughed a lot! We’ve been fishing with Capt Tony for 6 years now and have never been disappointed!!
Very professional, boat in excellent shape as well as his equipment. Highly recommend!!
Kristen M

Date June 2018
Caught the limit
We've been fishing with Capt. Tony every year since 2004. He's the guy to go with. He does his best to get us on the fish. He's always adjusting
the depths of the lines, colors of the lures and communicating with the other boats out on the water when the fish aren't biting. We've been so
satisfied with Capt. Tony that we have no reason to try anyone else. We look forward to our tip every year.
Norman G

Date June 2018  
Great Fishing Trip
I have been deep sea fishing and fishing with different charters on Lake Michigan for a number of years. Tony had us catching fish in the first 30 minutes,
and throughout the trip, even in the cold and rain, we came close to limiting out, we had a great experience, Tony was on the ball and very professional,
we will use him again for sure!!

Tom O

Date June 2018
A HUGE thank you to Capt. Tony for a wonderful experience. My father-in-law, brother-in-law, and myself had a terrific time!
Lots of laughs, and plenty of salmon! Looking forward to the next salmon adventure with Diamond Ghost Charters!
Slaton Hoffner

Date May 2018
Another Great weekend - Fish-On
Another great weekend with Capt. Tony. We have been fishing with Capt. Tony for over 5 years and every year we are catching more fish then
what we know what to do with. He is great to keep you on point and manages to make sure you always have a fish coming in. We usually have
6 people on the boat and we are all pulling in fish every time. It has become a family tradition that will continue with Capt. Tony for sure....Fish-On

Date May 2018
Captain Tony knocks it out!
We limited out on our morning Charter with Captain Tony. We headed out to 200' and had 2-3 on soon after the lines were set.
Tony runs a tight ship and keeps it fun.

Steve August

Date May 2018
We all had a great time. Capt. Tony did a great job for us. Enjoyed the cold, wet and 1-3 ft waves. That's Lake Michigan! 
We limited out on Lakers and added a King and a Rainbow. Will do this again!
Phil S

Date  2017
I've been fishing on charter boats about 10 times in my lifetime. Tony is the only captain I've gone out with that has always made sure I caught fish.
Not only do we catch fish, but in the 3 times I've gone out with him, we've caught our limit and headed back to shore early every time. He's amazingly
fast and efficient on the boat, and while he's doing 3 different things, he'll turn around and tell me there's a fish on a line that I didn't see . He's always
friendly and happy to have me on board. Looking forward to my next trip!

Neville Mistri

Date  August 2nd 2017
What a great morning! Fish on about every 3 mins.! Wish we had a larger limit as I'm sure we could have
caught 3-4 times the limits. Tony knew right where to go and what they were biting on! Nice clean boat and ready to go.
Will return as son as we eat a lot of these fish. Thanks Tony!
Michele Horist

Date July 25th 2017
One of the best captains i have ever fished with. Heullva guy and really makes it fun!!!
Dennis Hulsart

Date June 21st 2017
Father/Daughter from Canada have a blast fishing with Captain Tony

We thoroughly enjoyed our charter with Captain Tony. He went overboard (ok not literally) to help us rookie fishermen.
We had a gorgeous solstice morning watching the sun rise, catch our limit and then eat our Coho fillets at Linda's restaurant
(also recommended - great people). We caught a nap at Illinois State Park next door while listening to the birds sing before
returning to Chicago.
Terry Mullane

Date August 2016
I been fishing aboard the diamond ghost for over 10 years now. I tried a couple other charters but the diamond ghost is where its at.
My 2 friends and I had a blast aboard the diamond ghost! Within minutes of dropping the lines in the water, we already had bites.
The equipment is good condition and he keeps the boat in excellent condition. August 20 was a great day for fishing in the morning!
We were headed back within 2 1/2 hours because we already maxed out our keep limit! Looking forward fishing aboard the diamond ghost soon!
Jimmy Hong

Date August 2016
4 friends and I  (all novices of lake fishing) booked a charter with Diamond Ghost for August 5th, 2016.  We met with Captain Tony
at 4:30 AM and he quickly got us onboard and headed into the lake.  Within 30 minutes we had lines in the water and fishing began.  
The fishing ran hot and cool (they call it fishing after all, not catching), but it was a completely enjoyable trip as Captain Tony made
every effort to find fish for us to catch.  In the end we caught 15 fish in total, including Kings  (one a 20 pounder), Coho, Rainbow
and Lakers.  These catches produced over 50 lbs of cleaned fillets for us to take home and share.  
As an added bonus, Tony's wife Diane answers the phone and makes the reservations for your charter.  There was no calling a charter outfit,
leaving messages and waiting days for a return call.  She answered my first call to Diamond Ghost and was a delight to deal with.  She explained
the procedure, answered all of my questions and then sent me maps and other useful information to make our trip better.
Diamond Ghost gets an OUTSTANDING 5 Star Rating from us.  We will be back
Victor Balundis

Date  July 2016
“Another successful trip with Capt. Tony and Diamond Ghost Charters.   5th year in a row, and Capt. Tony always
puts us on the fish.   Boated 14 trophies and missed nearly as many.  If you want to go Salmon Fishing, you can choose
any charter in the marina, but if you want to go Salmon catching, I would highly recommend Capt. Tony and Diamond Ghost Charters,
you won’t be disappointed!”     Looking forward to next years trip!!!
Mike Kent

Date June 2016
Just finished a Charter with Captain Tony and had a Great time!! I have chartered 2 other times at this harbor...
before using Tony... and to be honest this was the best trip thus far!! We caught 11 the first day and 15 the second...
and they were Tony would call them "CHUNKY"

In fact I caught the biggest fish I have ever fished for on Michigan this time!! 16 lbs King!!! It was amazing!
Again thanks for a great mini vacation!!
Marc Cross

Date June 2016
Hey Captain tony.....just wanted to say thank you again...had such an awesome time in the water today....
you’re not just any charter’re an awesome charter Capt... And a friend....thank you again....
keep the lines tight and put em in the box....stay safe on the water buddy...
Tim Branon

Date June 2016

First time out with Captain Tony today. Great Fathers Day weekend outing. Amazing experience and highly recommended!
Ten fish for our group today. We landed kings, coho and steelhead. Equipment is in great shape, and Tony runs an extremely
efficient operation. He may seem like all business but he's got great sense of humor and made sure we all had a good time even
when we weren't catching. Would definitely book another group outing! Fish on!
Victor Valle

Charter Date June 2015
Captain Tony will put you on the fish ! It's Always a Great Time With Him On The Water. 3 years now with him.
Mark Stewart

Charter Date June  2015

Hi again Captain Tony,

We had a great time with you, caught our limit and didn’t worry about a thing despite the weather, thanks to your fishing and boating skills.  You obviously
know what you’re doing and keep your boat in top order.  Great job!  We had a blast!  Hope to see you again next year if not sooner!


Terry and John Knight, Mark and Jack Buschm

Charter Date June 2015
Captain Tony is a top notch Captain. He knows where to find the fish and is very knowledgeable at fishing. Most of us were novice fishers,
but after we left, we felt like experts. Tony did an amazing job of helping us out and making us laugh. I would highly recommend using
Tony on your next charter. I know we will be back again.

Ryan Denson

Charter Date May 6th 2014
I have been going fishing with Captain Tony for many, many years.  There has never been a time when I have left the Diamond Ghost
disappointed in the service provided.  Over the years, Captain Tony has been host to my family, elderly father-in-laws, outings “with
the guys,” and just my wife and me.  Captain Tony accommodates everyone!  Every trip is a 100% effort on Tony’s part to catch fish,
make his guests comfortable, and provide an enjoyable experience for all.  You will not find a harder working charter captain on Lake Michigan. 
Because of his enthusiasm and love of the sport, “Fish On” is frequently heard on the Diamond Ghost.  In over 20 years of fishing with
Tony, we have never been skunked. (I hope I just didn’t jinx my next trip.  I know Captain Tony will do his best to make sure I didn’t as
long as I don’t bring bananas on board.)

Charter Date August 2013  Wanted to drop you a line about one of your sponsors, continuing guests and Lake Michigan guide Captain Tony and Diamond Ghost Charters.  
 A little background, I personally listen to your show live or via Podcast
almost every week. I love the show. Considering I rarely get out enough  your show fills the void,
and when I am able to get out I listen to the reports
you provide and appreciate the information provided by your guests. I set up a last minute trip with Capt. Tony, about
a month ago (which I figure as
last minute), largely based on your opinion, his professionalism, and knowledge given each week on your show  .I want to thank you for the
and to Capt. Tony for a memorable experience. We will be calling again next year. Chauncey,  your spot on with your backing of Diamond Ghost Charters,
it's nice
to see first hand a sponsor being true to his reputation and performing beyond expectations. Choosing a charter boat on Lake Michigan is a daunting task, especially
when setting it up for 6 men 2 of whom haven't owned a fishing license,
ever, The fact that with only 4 fish in the box everyone was wanting to sign up again next year, is a true
testament to Capt. Tony, and Diamond Ghost Charters.
With all Respect, Brian G. Driscoll  Local 281 Fire Sprinkler Fitter Chicago, IL

Charter Date August 2013
Captain Tony,
I just wanted to thank you for the great trip you   provided for Max and I.  We had a great time and are enjoying all the fish. It was a highlight of Max’s summer and he has
 told everyone about it.  I know I learned a ton about catching salmon and will come prepared next time to “keep reeling!”  I am already looking forward to the next trip. 
Thanks again and I will be in touch.
Andrew MorrisGolf Course Superintendent Country Club Of Peoria

Charter Date September
Captain Tony,
I want to thank you for another awesome fishing trip. This is our 13th year in a row that we’ve gone out with you and its always one of the highlights of our year.
This year was our most successful as far as catching fish,  we caught our limit and 15 out of the 20 were big. I’ve always said that catching fish was just the icing
on the cake, being out on the water with my friends on a sunny day with someone we like and trust makes it all worthwhile. We’re already looking forward to next year.
Thanks, Mike Mike Clancy

Charter Date August 29th & 30th
My husband Greg and I had the opportunity to fish with Capt. Tony on Diamond Ghost Charters on Aug. 29 and 30th. We lucked out both days. The first day we
caught 7 fish 3 short of our limit. On the 2nd day we limited out with my final fish a salmon weighing in at 16#. We had a great time and Tony worked constantly
changing rigs and depths as they started hitting. We have been charter deep sea fishing on a number of occasions in NJ, Fla., RI,
and Maine and as much as we enjoyed those trips there was no comparison to the great time we had with Tony. We'll definately be back. Thanks for the great time!
Rose Wade

Capt. Tony, thanks for a great day of fishing.  Michael couldn’t be prouder of his catch, showing everyone.  Appreciate all your time and all your effort.  It was a good
fishing day!  Take care, Dave & Michael Hello Tony, I wanted to tell you that Dave and Michael had a great time...our son willlong remember his giant trout. And, I
grilled some of the salmon last nightand it was so delicious!! I haven't had fish that fresh since my fatherwould go fishing years and years ago.
Thank you. Pam Pidgeo

Charter Date July 2013 Capt. Tony,
Just wanted to send you a note thanking for you for yet another unbelievable fishing
trip this past Sunday. I didn’t think we could top last year’s trips, but you out did yourself  in putting us on the fish Sunday. I can’t get any work done with all the emails
going back and forth among the guys the past two days talking about what an unbelievable trip that was. Can’t wait for next year’s trip.  There are 4 of us that are itching
for a repeat this year.  Again, thanks for a great time fishing and a bunch of laughs. You are the Best Man,  Big Mike

Charter Date June 22nd
On June 22nd five of us went fishing at 4 a.m. The night before a terrible storm came through the northern suburbs,  over half a million people were with out power. 
Even though the storm was past, Lake Michigan still had four to five foot waves, no problem for the well maintaind "Diamond Ghost". The bait fish and salmon were
scattered by the storms. Capt Tony was not sure if he would be able to find the schools. He kept changing lures, depth, trolling speed and direction.  He is the hardest
working charter boat captain I've ever fished with.  Honestly he never sat down or stopped to eat anything.  We ended up with twelve nice coho's and all of us had a great time. 
I recommended Capt Tony to a friend and he choose to go with a captain out of Waukegan, IL instead.   They got skunked.  My friend told me their captain put out eight rods
and then just sat on his butt for five hours driving the boat.  They didn't get any money refunded for catching zero fish.  He said next time he'll take my advise and book Capt Tony.
Sincerely, Jeremy Ferg

Charter Date July 18th
On July 18th, 2011, my 11-year old son, Michael, and I went on a five-hour Diamond Ghost Charter with Captain Tony and had a great time! My son loves to fish and for his
birthday, we booked him this trip. We left at 4AM and were catching salmon a short time later. While we caught King Salmon and trout, Michael was most proud of a very large
trout that he caught. Captain Tony filleted the fish and we cooked some of it Monday night on the grill at home. It was delicious! The rest is in the freezer. We had a great time.
Captain Tony really knows his fishing.  The boat was very nice and he was a good captain. We would definitely do it again! Thank you Captain Tony!
Dave Pidgeon

Charter Date July 7th 2011
Tony, Just wanted to tell you again how much fun the Salmon fishing trip was!  Plenty of nonstop action and hitting our limit (and the 7 that fell off) plus beautiful weather,
 couldn’t ask for anything better! Once again your knowledge and professionalism came thru as usual as it has been for 10 years, wouldn’t use anyone else…
See you again in a month with the guys
Best regards, JT John Theobald  National Sales Director, PLM Solutions

Charter Date June 12th 2011
Captain TonyBrain Miller here with the Kane County Chapter of Pheasants Forever.  First and most I wanted to thank you again for providing us with an outstanding trip a
few weeks ago. This was a first time charter for all of us and we all left excited to do it again.  You cancount on us as yearly customers! I hope even get a trip booked later in
the coming months.  We thank you again for a wonderful trip Brian Miller Kane County Phesants Forever President Chapter # 852

Charter Date May 15th, 21st and 28th 2011
I have been using Diamond Ghost Charters and fishing with Capt. Tony for over 15 years.  Tony is a true fisherman who's goal is to make  his customer's fishing experience
the best it can be by putting 100% effort into each trip.  Craig Gaska

Charter Date May 11th 2011 Captain Tony,
The 5 of us want to thank you for the great outing we had with you last Monday morning. This time we limited out with 25 salmon in 4 hours with 9 lost. Marty and I have
fished with you for about 15 years and the other 3 guys for the last 3 years. As always you are a  pleasure to deal with. We appreciate your hard work and efforts to getting
us our limits. You also keep it lively with some well place jokes.  We know you also enjoy the interaction with us guys especially the back and forth bantering between Marty
and myself. Many years back prior to finding you I went out with 2 other boats that had  a captain and mate and they got nowhere the production that you get. You truly work
hard and earn your money.
Continue having a successful season and we will see you again next year.
Bob, David,Marty, Phil, Steve

Charter Date May 12th 2011 Capt Tony
Thanks again for a wonderful experience on the water last week. It was a great adventure and I truly appreciate your expertise, the great equipment and your camaraderie. 
You have an extremely deep passion and knowledge of fishing Lake Michigan which make the experience fun and action-packed.  We tend to limit out on every trip, but you
exceeded my expectations last week when our group had our limit in the boat by 8:30am.  I look forward to another adventure this summer/fall.  And I will be sure to recommend
you and your great service to all of my friends and family.
Thanks and best of luck this season. Jeff Hall General ManagerBass Pro Shops -Bolingbrook, IL

Charter Date 23rd August 2010 Captain Tony,
Thanks for yet another great day of fishing on Lake Michigan. My fishing buddy and I really enjoyed the day, and even though we were really bushed from pulling in the limit (again),
we went home tired but happy. Seven years in a row you found us the biggest fish in the lake !!!! The salmon put up a good fight and taste even better,  because we have the story to
go with the meal.The trout are delicious fresh caught and the whitefish was a real surprise this year. Our California friends can't stop talking about the trip we treated them to, and they
have fished thePacific. Thanks again and see you next season !!!  
 Rick Kunstman Chicago IL

Charter Date August 3rd 2010 Hi Capt. Tony.  Thanks again for a great trip.  I'm glad the weather cooperated  with us and the conditions were good. Irina was amazed at the size of
the fish.  Hopefully I'll see you at Rosemont.  Have a good rest of the season. 
Norm  Garges Chicago , IL

Charter Date May 10th 2010 Hi capt. tony just wanted to say thanks for the great day of fishing saturday, i,ve been on alot of charters but i,ve never limited out that fast! i,ll
be calling you soon because i want to go after those kings next! Thanks Again,
Russ Russell  Dingus Bridgeview,IL

Date July 29th & 30th 2006  Holly & Tom We have been coming down from MInneapolis for the last 4 years and enjoy each year we fish with Captain Tony.  2006 was a great year
for us. We brought in 17 fish each day that we were out and the adrenilie  kept flowing.  Looking forward to our trip this year and we try to bring new people each year.  
Thanks Captain Tony

Charter Date  August 2006  Dear Captain Tony
This letter is to thank you for a wonderful fishing trip in August.  My father and I decied to go on the recommendation of a friend who also gave you a wonderful review.
Evan so, we weren't sure what to expect. I have to say that it went well above and beyond anything we expected. In six hours we caught twelve fish totaling more than 120 pounds:
Many people think that these charters are expensive, but in reality the amount of fish that we caught would've cost at least that much if we had bought it at a grocery store.
Needless to say, we scheduled another trip as soon as we stepped off of the boat.  Your equipment and boat were top notch, you were professional, and your experience made
the trip that much more enjoyable.  Thanks again for a wonderful trip and my father and I will see you again in August.
Sincerely, Max Nelson
Bloomindale, IL

Date August 7th 2005
Hey Tony; Just a note to thank you once again for a fantastic day out on the"Big Pond". As always, you have demonstrated your commitment to
 making sure that your customers have a great and memorable trip. Not only were we able to catch some nice "Kings", but I had another chance to enjoy your company,
and learn more about many different techniques that you use, to put us on fish. I've had nothing but great days, since first going with you on my yearly fishing trip some
5 years ago.  I look forward to the next one, and until then, "Keep them reels screaming"!
Tom Zastro

Date August 7th 2005 Dear Captain Tony Our return trip with you on the Diamond Ghost was as expected a great time doing some great fishing. Tom told me that not
all captains go out of their way like you do to find the fish and change lures to what's working to catch the fish. Like last summer, you went beyond the 110% and gave
us all a bomb of a fishing experience. Thanks so much for all you did.

Date July 30th 2005 Capt. Tony, Thanks for the best fishing trip this year !!! You are in a class by itself among charter captains. You even took care of the 8 year girl cheering
her on with that big one. You put us on fish after fish after fish.The count I believe was 23 for 44. Never seen that much action in the 7 years of going with Diamond Ghost.
You always produce fish with your 7 day a week service. Thanks Rob B

Date June 18th 2004 The fishing trip on the Diamond Ghost today was THE BOMB- -thanks for making every part of the experience a total pleasure. I asked Tom how he
"picked" you for our group's chartered fishing trip he had asked around at the shows and heard nothing but good things about you, your experience, boat and equipment.
You did give 110% and then some. We're looking forward to more fishing on the Diamond Ghost. Jackie

Date June 15th 2004
Hi Captain Tony.  I just wanted to thank you again for a great time on Tuesday.  When we ate our lunch behind the yacht club I got excellent feedback from everyone. 
It was pretty wild that you grew up on the same street as Dominic.  We all loved your old neighborhood stories.  Especially about the sealed garbage cans.  Hopefully
we can make this an annual outing from work.  Thanks again.  Norm

Date June 14th 2004 Tony, Thanks for the trip, Aaron said he had a great time and his Dad is already planning another. I will give the office a call to see some dates
for my clients, Probably one in Aug. and one in Sept. along with one for Aaron and his Dad. John Theobald


Date:  Thursday June 06, 2002  My sons and I along with a neighbor friend had a wonderful fishing experience on the Diamond Ghost last May. We caught our limit and
had a ball. Capt. Tony is an experienced seaman and fisherman. I highly recommend a fishing cruise with Capt. Tony. We hope to be there for the big ones in August !   
Hal  Aurora, IL

Date: Mon., Aug. 2001 Hey Capt. Tony !  Thanks for the great weekend ! ! All of us had a great time ! My brother and I were really suprised when you shared your
lunch with  us.  Not to mention you even eat our food with us.  That was something  we had never seen or expected.  It's very good to know that there some guys out
there like yourself that are very open minded. My brother and  I are planning to fish with you from now on and already in the process  of planning and booking another
trip with you.  Thanks Tony !  You really made us feel welcome and relaxed.  We plan only to fish with you and your vessel from now on ! Good fishing and tight lines to you !!!  
Hope to fish with you soon.   Sincerely,  Po Lo

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